Unknown musician Billy Yeager’s “Demo Cassette Tape to Bruce Hornsby” sells for $15,000 shattering record on eBay.


We all remember Grammy Award Winner Bruce Hornsby, who wrote the infamous song, “That’s Just The Way It Is” and “Mandolin Rain”, but who is Billy Yeager?


Journalists have described him as “an extraordinary multifaceted visionary talent that defies description” and “a musical genius”.

He has performed for Presidents and lived out of his car. He once dyed his skin black and became “Jimi Hendrix’s long lost son”.



He has crossed rivers of Crocodiles to play his scientific music to wild monkeys in the jungles.


He once lived in a house on the water down the street from Rod Stewart in Palm Beach, Florida, but he and his wife, Anais, decided to give away their possessions, they bought a 14 foot travel trailer and spent 4 years in the Mojave desert, living in ghost towns, creating a transcendental film.



In 2001 Yeager became homeless, and lost all of his possessions at a storage facility auction to a man Tim Devine, who they call the “most hated man on eBay”.

Tim Devine owns some of the most rare films and music in the world, such as Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and Eric Clapton.

Tim also collects 1950’s photographs by legendary model and photographer Bunny Yeager, who discovered the pin up Betty Page.

Bunny Yeager

Bunny never took photos of male models, but she did take many photos of her nephew Billy Yeager, including those featured on the cover and back of Billy’s  first 2 record albums: “What’s It Gonna Take” made in 1983, and “Be My Valentine” made in 1985, which have become collectible.

From 1985 to 1992 Yeager isolated himself in his small apartment writing music and developing his own musical style.

It must have worked. After listening to Billy’s “demo tape” Bruce Hornsby tried to help him get signed to a record label, but the labels were not interested in Yeager’s “Surf Jazz” musical style.

Yeager shifted his attention to producing his own movies.

Billy Yeager New Times Cover.jpg

Billy had already been filming his life for over 23 years, but he knew he needed a “hook” for his story to become a film, so he decided to become Jimmy Story “the long lost son of Jimi Hendrix”.

Yeager was able to convince the press that he was the illegitimate son of Hendrix, because the songs that he wrote and recorded were so convincing that drummer Mitch Mitchell and Buddy Miles told the press that these songs couldn’t have been written by anyone else but Jimi Hendrix.


Yeager edited his story into a film and called it “Jimmy’s Story”. The film won several awards and the making of film was even featured on Bravo Television.

In 2005 Billy and his wife Anais became “truth seekers”.  After 5 years of intense preparation they left to the Mojave desert. As artists, they felt it was their highest calling, not just to entertain, but to make a “transcendental film” that could change the world.


After 3 years in the desert they completed their film “Jesus of Malibu” and posted a film trailer on-line. Roger Ebert watched the trailer and stated he wished everyone in the world could see this film.

In 2015 a documentary film about the making of “Jesus of Malibu” and the Yeagers’ story,  “The Film That Changed The World”, premiered at the Red Dirt International Film Festival and won the “Most Inspirational Movie Award”.


When Bunny Yeager passed away in 2014, Billy’s story became very popular in Germany and vinyl collectors began to take an active interest in his older albums.

be my valentine billy yeager bunny yeager 4

In 2016, Von Weinberg and Devonshire productions released the documentary film called “Billy Yeager The Ineffable Enigma”.

The film has been named one of the 15 best musician documentaries ever made.

The film features collectors from all over the world who search diligently trying to find Yeager’s lost films and music albums.


The Yeagers are on a sincere mission to awaken humanity and change the world with thought provoking films and music.

They are performing benefit concerts in an underground missile base in Kansas.

“The Film That Changed The World” screens on a 47-ton steel door at the missile base.


On the Billy Yeager website collectors can purchase “limited editions” of vinyl LP records, 45’s and even vintage 8 Track cassette tapes.

Proceeds are donated to landmine victims.


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